Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your company reliable?

We have been selling laser pointers for over 5 years. And sell a
lots on eBay, Amazon, Wish and other platforms. Our signiture laser is
Thor M 2 laser, we are the facotry source. We have a great reputation on
eBay and LPF, you can buy with confidence.

2. How is the power of your lasers?

We know most of laser sellers overstate the output, selling a 1w blue laser as a 10w one, with a sky high price.

We check our lasers by LPM, and post it out. The output we claim on product page will be lower than the result we get. Because some of you may have LPM, and different LPMs will have a different number, so we leave some gaps for unnecessary misunderstanding.

3. Can I get my laser safely?

This is a top concerned question, because you are buying a high power laser. We will answer the questions by 3 parts:

a. We have a received or refund policy. we guarantee you get your laser safely, if not, we will fully refund you.

b. We have warehouse in USA, and Australia. If
you are in above countries and buying Thor M 2 1.6W laser, we can send
from our warehouse by usps and au post. Many people on eBay get their
Thor laser in this way. In another aspect, we have the ability to ship
hundreds of  high power lasers into our warehouse at a time, then we
have no problme to send a single laser directly to you. In fact, by
our efficient laser express, thousands of people get their lasers
without any problems.

c. We have multiple ways to low down the risk. For different countries we have different ways, till now, the customs risk is almost 0.

4. How can i pay?

We accept Credit Card and some local payments. By Credit Card, the gateway server has PCI
DSS certification, which will protect your card informations. If you
don’t finish payment in 3 days, your unpaid order will be cancelled.

5. Why I can’t finish payment by my credit card?

The reason that sometimes you failed to pay by your credit
card, is because the bank has rejected the payment. The transaction may
have been rejected due to insufficient funds, or behavior indicative of
fraud. If there is money available on the card, you can call your bank and verify the payment. Once the bank has verified the payment, you should be able to make the purchase!

6. Why is my order on hold?

If your order is suspicious, we will hold your order and check.
So please use your own credit card, don’t use proxy when you place
order. And if your billing address is different with your shpping
address, you’d better send us an email.

7. What is PCI-DSS?

The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and
administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.
The standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to
reduce credit card fraud. Validation of compliance is performed
annually, either by an external Qualified Security Assessor QSA or by a
firm specific Internal Security Assessor that creates a Report on
Compliance for organizations handling large volumes of transactions, or
by Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for companies handling smaller

8. Whe will I get my order?

Normally we will ship order out in 24 to 72 hours. If the item
is out of stock, we will send you an email. For standard shipping
service it needs about 15-25 working days.

9. How is your warranty policy?

Most of our items have a 30 days policy. If you simple don’t like it, please submit a return request in 7 days after you get it.

10. Will I get caught by playing lasers?

In most of the countries, you are not allowed to point laser to
aircraft, vehicle, animals, people and something not belong to you. But
if you play indoor, in your backyard, forest, camping, or astronomy,
you should be fine.

11. Where will be laser shipped from?

We have transit warehouses in USA, Australia and EU. The laser devices will be shipped from China factory and then to the transit warehouses then to your address. So you are not the direct receiver, in this way we can low down the customs risk. Normally you will get your order in 2 weeks.

Last but important thing: Get your safety goggles ready.